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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Diana Rohini LaVigne

Name: Diana Rohini LaVigne (Indian Life & Style Magazine & India-West)
Genres you review: Any book with a tie to India , its people and/or its culture. (i.e. Indian authors, Indian theme)
Contact email:

Clarissa Brown

Name: Clarissa Brown
Genres: Fiction - All children's books including Picture Books, all Fantasy, Poetry. Non-Fiction - Writing
Contact email:

Erin E. Schmidt

Name: Erin E. Schmidt
Genres: Full-length Fiction (literary, comtemporary, fantasy, romance, erotica), Non-fiction (psychology, social sciences, sexuality, spirituality, basketball)
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Monday, October 1, 2007

Ken Williams - Commercial & Literary Fiction, Non-Fiction

Name: Ken Williams
Genres: Commercial and Literary Fiction (African American, Hispanic American, Multicultural) Memoir, How-To, Non-Fiction
Website: and

Gloria Oren - Biographies

Name: Gloria Oren
Genres: adoption search and reunion stories, autobiographies, memoirs, parenting, family-friendly, Judaic and Jewish topics.
Website: &

Shannon Buck: Non-Fiction & Fiction

Name: Shannon Buck
Genres: Horror/Thriller (teen and adult), Paranormal,(teen and adult) Homeschooling, Unschooling, Home Education (in general), New Age/Pagan, Writing, Organization, Money saving, Parenting, Short Stories
Website: and

J. Kaval: Fiction

Name: J.Kaval
Genre: Books on fiction (novel & short stories) essays, criticism, theology, philosophy, ecumenism, religion, social questions, environment and culture

Deepa Kandaswamy - Fiction & Non-Fiction

Name: Deepa Kandaswamy
Genres: Fiction, Non-fiction, all kinds.